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Make it Responsive. Make it Mobile.

With the takeover of digital mobile content, your website needs to be responsive to phones and tablets of all sizes and speeds. Responsive design is the use of mobile-friendly layouts, features, and tools that will allow your site to be accessible to all the formats our technology-rich culture has to offer. Having a website that can DO IT ALL is important to consider when going digital.

Here are 4 benefits that responsive design can offer:

1. It Saves Time & Money

Essentially, you need to create two versions of one website; one to view on desktops and one to view on mobile devices. You could build two separate websites, which can prove to be very costly and difficult to maintain, or you can invest in a responsive design that allows you to easily merge the two versions into one platform to maintain.

2. It Adapts to any Screen

Another benefit of responsive design is the way it can adapt to any screen size, whether it's on a desktop or a mobile device. Your website will be able to "respond" to newer screens that are developed in the future as well.

3. It Increases SEO

Search Engine Optimization is the summary of strategies used to rank higher on Google, Bing or other search engines. Being at the top of the search results will increase clicks and engagement with your site. A responsive design can benefit SEO because search engines prefer mobile-friendly sites. Together with other SEO tools, your website's responsiveness can increase your brand online.

4. It Increases Traffic

More than half of online usage is on a mobile device. Once your website is responsive to mobile, your traffic will increase as you become accessible to the users of mobile.

Final Thoughts

Making your website responsive and mobile-friendly is a must if you are looking to increase your digital brand presence. To see how Grafik Website Design can build a responsive design for your small business, reach out and speak with one of our design professionals.